As a speaker, teacher, and writer, my passion is to see you walk in freedom.


Having been free from the chains of addiction to alcohol since 2004, I am passionate about seeing others understand addiction is not limited to substances. Freedom can be found from not only addictions but from: guilt, shame, condemnation, depression, self-hatred, fear and feelings of unworthiness. I believe part of my calling is to help enable people, specifically other women, to walk in freedom, liberty and truth. I hope to encourage and come alongside them in order for them to find the freedom to receive God’s Grace, healing, wholeness and His love. Being utterly transparent, I share from my heart about my hunger to love and be loved and the darkness that hunger propelled me to. I have stepped out of the darkness and into the light, into relationship with the Source of love and I desire to be a source of hope for others to do the same.


About Faith

All photography by Triston Hansford.